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Altrove Innovation is a product development company that stands at the forefront of Software, Hardware, Nutrition, Physic and Biology.

We believe that creating revolutionary products is the best way to help humans development.

Altrove philosophy reflects his founder conviction that technology and scientific advancements are the major way for humans’ social and spiritual advancements. Altrove Innovation believes that by developing and making widely available cutting-edge technologies, it is possible to greatly enhance human health, intellect and spirit.

Altrove Innovation implement faithfully the Humans Manifesto

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About Altrove Innovation

Management Team

  • Marco Iotti

    CEO & Founder

Altrove Innovation was found in April 2015, with the goal of helping people and companies to go beyond the usual concept of product.

Products are there to help people maximize their most precious and scarce resource: time.

Altrove is based in Switzerland and has offices in Canada and USA.

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